Thursday, September 9, 2010

Free coffee and good karma on a Thursday morning!

I scored some free coffee this morning. Because lord, there is nothing like a small town coffee shop with a drive-through and two confused and completely overwhelmed baristas at nine a.m.

It was like watching one of those Scooby Doo cartoons where the gang runs in and out of doors, chasing the monster, the monster chases them, all sorts of random order before they all collide in a big heap on the floor for the denoument.

As this is my last day in town before starting the road trip home, I'm blogging a bit.

There are five cars in the drive-through - blocking one end of the parking lot - and thanks to the cramped design I have to go down to the other end of the strip mall and enter the coffee shop's parking area. I have to park eight spaces down - which, by Starbucks standards is not bad, I'll admit.

I get inside ... and bedlam would be running a poor second to this place.

There are only two baristas - do you call them baristas at indie coffee places? - coffee slaves? coffee drudges? I dunno. Baristas it is. That's what they're called in Questionable Content's Coffee of Doom I think ...

One girl is trying to make drinks and ring customers at the window while another is cursing the espresso machine. She's literally whacking it and trying to jam a coffee scoop into a holder. I'm praying that espresso grounds don't go flying. She looks up at me and smiles and says "Hi, we'll be with you in a minute!"

Right behind me, a well-heeled business woman in a navy blue skirt, white blouse and heels - and with a LIST of coffee drinks sighs audibly.

They get to me - apologizing profusely. I understand ... really ... I tell them - "There's two of you and about 50 of us. Take your time." I get an iced raspberry mocha (one of their specials, I've had it every day) and a cranberry muffin. I tip three dollars because they're working their legs off.

Businesswoman growls "FINALLY," slaps the list down and starts barking drinks. She leaves with two trays stacked on top of each other. No one helps her with the door. I was praying she'd hit the door at full blast, but no luck - karma was not my friend today!

I'm sitting and eating my muffin when one of the girls comes over - "We accidentally both made your drink - do you want another one?"


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  1. Thanks for being the one who understands and doesn't make it worse by being rude. We almost had a break down with our server last night, her 2nd on the floor. No problem I even gave her a hug, she needed it.