Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sundays in the coffee shop

I'm visiting my friends in a college town this week. I'm basically just crashing in their spare bedroom while they work. I needed to get out of town, otherwise, I would have been tempted to work.

Let me tell you - Sundays in a pure college town - not a city that happens to have a college - but a town that's just a college and little more - are far more interesting than I ever thought possible.

Especially at the coffee shop.

Some people come to the coffee shop to study. These are the studious ones.

Some people hit the drive through with the grip of death on the steering wheel and eyes sunk far back in their heads. Hangovers, no doubt. These are the one that are paying the wages of sin.

Some people park with laptops and browse the afternoon away. These are the digital one.

Some people park in chairs and flirt the afternoon away. These are the lovers.

Some people roll up in Mommy & Daddy's Lexus with an accompanying pack of sorority girls wearing skirts barely long enough to cover either business end of thing and walk slowly to the door. They stumble over a chair and a display before ever reaching the counter. It is 4:30 p.m. and the hangover still hasn't abated. "Can you turn the music down," I hear them beg. (Ahhh, to be young and foolish ...." These are the future Republicans.

Some people sit quietly on the couches and bang out text messages and mumble to their friends and go "but I don't remember anything after The Lyric." "Oh, that's right, KRYSTAL. MAN THAT WAS A GOOD BURGER." "Didn't you throw it up in the hedge?" "Oh, that's right."

Although, to be fair, I really wish that I could turn around and take a photo of her velvet leopard print top. This thing is to DIE for.

It goes right along with the knee-length velvet sun-dress leopard-print and and gladiator sandals I saw on a 200-pound Mississippi maiden striding into the Belk with a purse big enough to put a deer into earlier this afternoon. (I only went to the Belk to use the bathrooms - they were filthy!) When I came out, leopard sun-dress was getting into a four-wheel-drive Chevrolet. I didn't see a gun rack, but there might have been on behind the seat.

Leopard is the South's new camouflage. You heard it here first!

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